Middle Aged and Single

March 19, 2010

I gotta tell ya…..all that dreaming about being smarter now than I was 30 years ago and how fun it would be to be single again???  Toss ’em out the window with the baby and the bath water….IT JUST AIN’T SO.  As a matter of fact, on my worst day of being married, it was better than being without someone to fight with, cry with, laugh with, sleep with and love.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not whinin’ but I’m not single by choice either.  The love of my life heard his name called by a voice so sweet he just couldn’t resist the call “home” but he left me in my prime, so to speak, well…a little in my prime.  BUT, the fact of the matter is, I thought it might be a fun experience (positive thinking???)

Now, I have to admit that this is not my idea of a good time.  I’m managing and life could be much, much worse but I get lonely.  And to top it off, I got a wild hair, sold my house in Kansas, uprooted and moved to Lubbock, Texas!!!  What in the world was I thinking???  “And if you are wonderin’ why I would do such a thing….well, that’s natural because so do I!!  What makes me think a blast from my past could be the answer to my future????  Now, visualize me banging my head against the wall. BANG, BANG, BANG!!!!

So, here I sit, in a nice home office I’ve set up and I do like working from home but it has its drawbacks.  For instance, my car might go as long as 4 to 5 days without being moved.  I don’t have Pepsi and candy at my fingertips.  I have no idea what is going on in my friends worlds. This little apartment is my world.  And what’s worse, I have a room-mate along with my dog and 3 cats!!!  52 with a room-mate.  GEE WHIZ!!

Well, I decided I might try this online speed dating thing that all the single folks are doing.  You get three minutes to talk on-line and then the date is up.  That’s about as fulfilling as a Fleets enema!  So, I decided to try match.com.  Now there you have a selection…just like going through the produce aisle at the grocery store and squeezing each tomato, thumpin’ a melon or two, and tip- toeing past the onion patch.  Oh yeah, I’m pickin’ fruit off the vine left and right.  So I have a “wink” and I’m excited because someone looked at ME!!!  I look at his profile, AND HE IS GORGEOUS, EDUCATED, RAISED IN EUROPE AND A JEWELRY DESIGNER FOR WHOLESALERS.  I’ve hit pay dirt folks!!!  He contacts me immediately and the world bows at my feet because I am beautiful, charming, smart, everything that I already knew I was 🙂 but it sounded better coming from such a perfect man.  A few days of chit chat back and forth and the guy decides he is in love with me and asking me where I want to go on our honeymoon.  Needless to say, IT WAS SURE FINE WHILE IT LASTED but one very good lesson my dear late husband left with me…..If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Match.com is off the radar along with speed dating.  These past 2 years I’ve learned so much about who I am and, believe me, it has been right down frightening at times.  I miss the people I work with who have become like family to me.  I miss my children and I just miss being touched by a human, in general.

But you know what?  Life is still good and the beauty of this whole ordeal is that I am still able to learn, sometimes….well, most of the time, the hard way.  But that’s nothing new for me.  And life’s trials are helping me to understand other folks around me and what they might be experiencing.

So I leave you with this, our dreams are just that….dreams.  If we lived in a perfect world we wouldn’t have anything to dream about.  So let your imagination fly, your emotions soar and have those wonderful dreams, just make sure you have your anchor buried in solid ground.

Til we meet again!



March 9, 2010

As if payroll/human resources isn’t enough to do, the boss now wants us to learn to blog!!  What the heck is a blog anyway?  AND, who has time for this stuff??? I GOT ONE NERVE LEFT AND DANG, IF HE HADN’T GOT ON IT!!!

I keep asking myself, “How interesting can I make payroll?”  Well, the beauty of payroll is that, if everyone just leaves me alone, I can work and daydream at the same time.  I might even get in a little FarmVille on a good day!!!

AND, at the moment, I am virtually learning how to do a blog.  The captain of blogs, John Jones of ESSDACK, is currently teaching a group of us about this blogging business.  Whatever happened to plain, old fashioned letter writing?  Well, I am finding that this blogging stuff isn’t all that bad!  I can sit here, type my opinion, and not have to listen to anyone elses!

Blogging feels like it’s going to be a great release for those of us stuck in the little hole called THE BUSINESS OFFICE.  Nobody pays attention to us anyway and they don’t know what they are missing.  We are fun and lovable….most of the time.  They only like us when it’s pay day!!  Well, prepare yourself world.  The business office is coming out of it’s shell and entering into the world of “out there where everyone else is!”

Hang on to your panty hose!!  It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Hello world!

March 9, 2010

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!